Red Flag

Red Flag is an incredible performance space tucked away on Locust Street. First time visitors might not know what to expect with the simple exterior, since it’s a black building with the Red Flag logo on the side. But once you step past the front gates, the magic really shines through.

You’ll see a trendy space with a wide open floor in front of the stage. Some shows will have seating scattered across the space while others will have open floor for dancing the night away. Along the walls you’ll see several booths that are designed with different looks, but each offering that hip club feel that you don’t often find at concert halls across the country.

And the stage itself is supported with top-of-the-line lights and sound design that keeps guests closer to the action than ever before. As well as a backdrop projection screen that highlights the show with anything the visiting band and performers can come up with.

It’s simply one of the most interesting experiences that you can find on their side of the country.

What Else Can You Expect

Besides world class music and entertainers gracing the stage? Red Flag also has a small selection of authentic arcade cabinets so you can toss in a few quarters and play some popular video games before the show or during breaks in the action. You can expect a great selection of drinks from the bar. And let’s not forget that Red Flag hospitality that has made it a popular destination for touring guests.

Everything you could ever want and more can be found only at Red Flag!

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