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Red Flag | St. Louis, Missouri

The Volunteers

Save the date on Monday 15th July 2024 and wait in excitement for an spectacular concert of epic pop-rock proportions — The Volunteers LIVE at the Red Flag! This 2024, an outstanding night of headbanging music and danceable tunes is traveling your way, headed by some of the HOTTEST singers from your playlist. Sing along to the trendiest melodies from a chart-breaking discography, and let the infectiously dynamic energy pump through your body as the event kicks off into high gear. A true tastemaker acclaimed by both fans and critics, our multi-awarded headliner promises audiences an unbelievable live music experience overflowing with their latest viral bops and Platinum-selling favorites. Prior performances have been rated “two thumbs up,” so come on, join the hype, and pop-rock and roll with your friends like there’s no tomorrow! Red Flag, Missouri’s premier entertainment destination, will elevate the upcoming concert with its stylish stage and state-of-the-art sound systems. Click the link above and claim your reservations now!

Brace yourself to be swept off your feet as the electrifying energies of pop-rock music take center stage! On Monday 15th July 2024, join us here in St. Louis for a night you’ll remember forever as the breathtaking The Volunteers detonates LIVE at the one-and-only Red Flag! This rave-reviewed event is part of an extensive tour across North America’s major cities, presenting a lineup of today’s brightest stars on one stage to send you on one hell of a trip through their award-winning collection of hits.

“Five stars aren't enough! The band's chemistry, the crowd's energy, and the hits delivered an extraordinary night of pop goodness.”

The breathtaking The Volunteers isn’t your normal live music performance — it’s a POP-ROCK EXTRAVAGANZA that displays the best tunes the genre has in store!

Taste the electricity in the air as a band begins the show with a chord-shredding riff! Then, listen as our headlining acts dominate with powerhouse performances of their latest bops that soared through the top spots of Billboard music charts. Both fans and critics applaud our headliners as top-notch tastemakers with an ear for resounding beats, emotional lyrics, and infectious melodies. Perky pop tunes clash with untamed rock music this 2024, evolving into a no-holds-barred musical experience that is both dance-worthy and high-octane. Our upcoming event set will feature hand-selected songs from our star’s multi-platinum career, rife with award-winning singles and fan-favorite Spotify classics. Savor the refreshing energy, move to the breathlessly belted hooks, but most of all, leave your worries behind and enjoy a blissful night of captivating music.

The Red Flag, with its finely tuned acoustics and otherworldly ambiance, presents the perfect stage for this concert sensation. As the lights beam and the first chords reverberate, you'll find yourself submerged in a world where time stands frozen, where each song line makes you groove to the boisterous rhythms, and adrenaline penetrates the very atmosphere.

What are you waiting for? Tickets are limited, so click the button above to book your slots now for The Volunteers this Monday 15th July 2024 LIVE at the Red Flag!

The Volunteers at Red Flag

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