The Return of Murder Machine at Red Flag

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Red Flag | St. Louis, Missouri

The Return of Murder Machine

Crushing songs are about to scatter all over St. Louis! Metalheads fall in step because The Return of Murder Machine is scheduled to perform live at the Red Flag on Friday 24th November 2023. Every single person will be fully hypnotized by this live show that is the zenith of this iconic bands highly anticipated tour launching this fall and covering all through November. This unyielding act will showcase the metal rock collective renowned for their chart-topping hits and stellar stage presence for the past generation. On this wild evening of metal manias, brace for impact as The Return of Murder Machine unleashes their explosive song list, which involves some of their brand new tracks originating from their recent album. Recognized as one of the world's leading metal artists, they will guarantee an overwhelming time! Make your way to the historic Red Flag, and revel in the fiercest rock concert in all of Missouri! Speed up, as admissions are running out fast! Rule the crowd and ensure you're part of the action by reserving your tickets now!

Scream to the top of your lungs as the gurus of metal rock, The Return of Murder Machine performs at Red Flag on Friday 24th November 2023!

After an extended hiatus, The Return of Murder Machine is staging their return with their recently dropped album to be highlighted in their most talked-about tour. Internationally, critics and enthusiasts alike have praised it as a ravenous lineup of experimental beats.

Yet again, The Return of Murder Machine has clearly proved they are the people’s metal icons. This fall, charged-up metalheads will bring in a full house at Red Flag, possibly making it the highest turnout for a single performance the stage will ever see. While audiences really do determine an aspect of their phenomenal success, they manage to be the world’s universally-applauded metal group, given how smoothly their music goes beyond generations.

Their latest gigs certainly made it abundantly clear, as the ocean of fans painted an broad and inclusive range of fans from steadfast supporters who’ve idolized them since their early club days, to more recent watchers who’ve discovered The Return of Murder Machine through their viral appearances.

Join us for a high-octane time and let The Return of Murder Machine rock the audience at the Red Flag - a renowned spot for live entertainment shows in Missouri! Get the best metal experience as this stage boasts cutting-edge acoustics and lighting effects.

Ensure your spot now, and gear up for a metal extravaganza unmatched by any other artist!

The Return of Murder Machine at Red Flag

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