Stormruler at Red Flag

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Red Flag | St. Louis, Missouri


Crushing tracks are about to scatter all over St. Louis! Hardcore metal enthusiasts fall in step because Stormruler is scheduled to play live at the Red Flag on Saturday 16th December 2023. Every single person will be completely hypnotized by this live show that is the zenith of this legendary bands highly anticipated tour launching this winter and spanning throughout December. This extreme act will demonstrate the heavy metal collective popular for their top-ranking hits and extraordinary stage presence for the past years. On this superb evening of metal frenzies, harden your resolve as Stormruler delivers their dynamite song list, which involves a selection of their brand new tracks stemming from their recent release. Recognized as one of the world's supreme metal artists, they will assure an intense time! Press forward to the renowned Red Flag, and frolic in the most powerful rock concert in all of Missouri! Speed up, as admissions are running out swiftly! Dominate the crowd and ensure you're part of the action by purchasing your places now!

What better way to break the daily routine than going to a top-notch metal gig downtown? This December metal lovers from every walk of life will head down to St. Louis for what’s said to be the most booming event of the year. That’s right, Stormruler will hit the stage of the iconic Red Flag and will take the fans on a heart-racing sonic adventure in the world of metal. The venue commands respect throughout the area for putting on action-packed shows and delivering the most refined concert experience to its guests. Everything in the hall is designed with a meticulous attention to detail - from the clean sightlines, to the flawless acoustics, transportive interior, musical installations and, of course, world-class service in the face of the staff. What’s more, the venue provides endless amounts of beverages for everyone to recharge their engines and keep the machine running all night. You simply can’t go wrong if you secure your seat, pack your best peers into the car, drive down to Red Flag and create memories that will linger for life.

Stormruler at Red Flag

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