Sacrifice The Sacred at Red Flag

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Red Flag | St. Louis, Missouri

Sacrifice The Sacred

Crushing songs are about to strew across St. Louis! Headbangers fall in line because Sacrifice The Sacred is booked to play live at the Red Flag on Saturday 23rd December 2023. The whole crowd will be completely engrossed by this live concert that is the pinnacle of this legendary bands most-awaited tour kicking off this winter and covering all through December. This unyielding act will showcase the metal collective famous for their top-ranking hits and extraordinary stage presence for the past generation. On this superb evening of metal rallies, harden your resolve as Sacrifice The Sacred unleashes their explosive tracklist, which includes a few of their freshest tracks springing from their recent release. Acknowledged as one of the world's leading metal artists, they will promise an overwhelming time! Forge ahead to the iconic Red Flag, and revel in the fiercest rock concert in all of Missouri! Act fast, as tickets are disappearing swiftly! Dominate the crowd and ensure you're part of the action by reserving your spots now!

If you have ever wanted to enjoy high-quality metal music, then the Red Flag is the place for you. Not only do they have the greatest metal bands appear on their stage, but they have a sound system that emits the pulse-pounding music that you deserve. The facilities are kept clean and comfortable so you can relax and enjoy your wild night on the town while enjoying the greatest in hardcore metal entertainment. Don’t forget that the Red Flag has been rated highest in St. Louis for customer service thanks to the leading event staff that you’ll get to meet from the moment you arrive. The Red Flag is number one for a reason, so don’t miss out! Order your tickets now.

Sacrifice The Sacred at Red Flag

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