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Red Flag | St. Louis, Missouri


There is one of the best alternative acts heading to the city on Tuesday 28th May 2024, you guessed it, the excellent, Filth, is touring the US for spring, 2024 and you could be there! We think Filth is a contender for the unrivaled alternative act around, so this is going to be insane! Hosted by the legendary Red Flag in Missouri, St. Louis, it'll be the focus of May! Grab your entry for the event this instant, it's really easy, just press the 'get tickets' button on this page! this may be your only opportunity!

Now’s the moment to indulge in music like never before. From hidden gems to the big stage, this is a concert that you must see for yourself. That’s right, Filth is coming to the premier venue of St. Louis, Missouri: Red Flag, on Tuesday 28th May 2024! The band is about to cause a scene and bring their iconic songs that’ll have you rocking till late.

Here’s the tea: the unrivaled performers of alt music at the moment are hitting the road again with their very anticipated spring trek. Known as one of the biggest groups of the genre recently, alt lovers have been waiting for hidden info about the trek. They’re coming to deliver their impressive music LIVE with a breathtaking setlist that will certainly have you struck the whole night.

Our special guest has only recently risen up to the big screens and alt enthusiasts have been keeping their eyes on them. To go from being underground to the spotlight is great for what the future holds. Their past concerts have given listeners an incredible time. Brought into the light by their unique lyricism, they have visibly been taking their time to expectedly make history for alternative indie artists everywhere. This spring tour will surely bring on even more future tracks for the group, and we can’t wait to see it. Complete with their unrivaled songs and awesome musicality, they are just getting started.

You’ll have an insanely good time at Red Flag on Tuesday 28th May 2024. Visitors rave about the highly-rated theatre. The popular destination is one that all great events visit. Both the friendly crew and the various snack and drink choices help all guests enjoy the experience as much as they want. If you’re going to attend, you simply have to press the prompt up there to get your tickets immediately!

Filth at Red Flag

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