Crowbar at Red Flag

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Red Flag | St. Louis, Missouri


Crowbar are unforgettable, on the alternative scene, think of the last few concerts? You can do it all again BUT on this occasion Crowbar is even more advanced for fall, 2023! Coming to one of the leading arenas around, the outstanding Red Flag of St. Louis, Missouri on Monday 2nd October 2023! Can you create a vision of you and the likeminded fans vibing and thriving to the greatest alternative act out cracking night in October!? Entry is in limited supply so secure your tickets asap! It's so simple you can just follow the little 'get tickets' icon you will see when you scroll up!

Live shows are right up there with the best feelings in the world, bursting into that stadium and being there with an immensely excited group of likeminded alternative music fans, its just beautiful! BUT the feeling of seeing your favourite band is SO huge....So what if you saw the outstanding Crowbar one Monday night this October? You can for real! Because Crowbar will be touring the states for fall, 2023 and access is now on general release, this is the premier bit of news ever right!? Book yourself in at Red Flag of Missouri, St. Louis on Monday 2nd October 2023....Imagine tucking into all of the food and drinks they have on offer.....the smell of that popcorn and hot dogs.....those good vibes from the crowd....what an ideal location for the evening, alternative acts love playing at Red Flag and music fans are so at home! BOOK YOUR TICKETS TODAY simply click the 'GET TICKETS' button when you scroll up!

Crowbar at Red Flag

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